Contributing Artists to

Jennifer Leigh Arave is a Minneapolis based performance and conceptual artist.  She works in the mediums of video & film, object performance, conceptual public performance and installation.  She has lectured and shown her work in Minneapolis, New York City and Burlington, VT.

Deborah Baldizar was born and raised in Groton, Massachusetts and currently resides in East Providence, Rhode Island. She is a figurative sculptor whose work addresses the subtle complexities of hidden human emotion.
Deborah has a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration and a minor in Fine Arts from the University of New Hampshire. She studied sculpture for two years in San Francisco and then went on to receive her Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture from the University of Massachusetts at Dartmouth. Currently, Deborah is an adjunct faculty member at Lasell College and the Community College of Rhode Island. 
Deborah has shown her work in galleries throughout the country in San Francisco, CA, New Bedford, MA, Meredith, NH, Manchester, VT, Norwich, CT and Boston, MA. This summer she will exhibit her work as part of a traveling juried show called “Pulp Function” at the Fuller Craft Museum in Brockton, MA.

David Bastille is an art director at Sundin, Inc., an advertising agency in Natick. He has been painting in oils off and on since 1977. In 2003, he experienced a sharply increased interest in making art and has been experimenting since then with many different ways of painting. He uses water-based oils, a choice which enables him to keep his studio within the living area of his home.

Lynn Blake's artistic practice centers on building the bridge between fine art and design. She weaves together themes of frustration of containment and discovery of voice by exploring the inconsistency of cultural expectations versus emotional well being….of outward appearance and inward emotion. Lynn's work travels beyond design and towards self-expression without sacrificing identity. With Love, Aunty Alma, celebrates a poignant figure in her life that went against the grain and demonstrated that women did indeed have life choices.

Liz Buckley is a photography-based artist-educator, working in new media. Current preoccupations are image sequencing, assemblage, humor, and cultural considerations. Buckley has exhibited her work nationally, and teaches in the Photography & Media Arts Dept. at Chester College of New England. She earned a Masters of Fine Art in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College (Plainfield VT) in 2005, and has BA in Photography from Salem State College (Salem MA). 

Jill Carey
Art is the primary tool I use for self-expression. I consider this ability a gift and means for communication. I am most inspired by organic forms with a particular focus on landscapes and human figures. The intent of my work is to provide a lens for the viewer to see the natural world as a spiritual journey.

Pat Coakley is a digital media artist working in Franklin, Massachusetts

Jeff Davis (PUPPET DESIGN AND FABRICATION) has been in front of and behind the curtain his entire life.  Jeff first appeared on stage, literally in utero, in a 1968 revival of, The Boyfriend.  Jeff is an artist and photographer, and in his spare time is the Director of Marketing at the world’s largest indoor automobile auction.

Lauren Davis (PUPPET COSTUMES) sews for artists and puppets of all ages.

Michael Eschenbach, MFA graduate of Goddard College, is an interdisciplinary artist who works primarily in film and theater.  His life's work is collaborating with communities to provide venues for original artwork.   Michael has also used art to bond communities together and holds an annual sculpture exhibit which is generated by several independent offices all on the same campus.  He is the current chairman for the international  Somewhat North of Boston Film Festival which promotes independent filmmakers worldwide.

Maritza Farrell was born on the island of Puerto Rico.  As an artist I was influenced by writers, poets, the beauty of the landscape, the deep color of the ocean and natural surroundings.  In the early years of my artistic career, I worked in graphic art, where I developed my own style and ways of expression.  For me this was the time for experimentation with different mediums: woodcut, lithography, linoleum, colograph, monotype, etching an many others.  Even my past art reflects the development of my work today.
In my work you can see that the matter is almost always the family.  The dream world influenced me and became part of my creativity and inspiration.  I use different mediums to evoke different emotions.  The images and objects become part of my dreamlike world where sometimes various images interplay with each other.  My work evokes emotions of happiness, of childhood memories, and surreal feeling of depth.
Also, different elements sometimes evoke the relationship of myself to nature and life.  Today you can seehow beauty of nature has become a source for abstract images of my work.

Barbara  J. Fischer
I started working with clay on my own about 10 years ago after many years of yearning to.  I then began taking lessons with a local potter and was introduced to raku firing.  Focusing now on one of a kind raku fired claywork, I work from my home studio, throwing and hand building white  stoneware, and firing in an electric raku kiln.   Having been a family therapist  for the past 20 years, I know very well the limits of verbal communication.  Through my claywork I attempt to express meaning, sometimes by intention, other times by listening to the piece after it is done.

Stephen C. Fischer
I am an interdisciplinary artist.  I identify more directly with my creative process than I do with a particular art practice, artifact, or medium.  In my work I involve imagery, words, sound, and movement.  I use whatever materials best support my intentions.  The joy that I experience in learning, teaching, storytelling and collaboration moves me to engage with art that encourages creative community. My art practices include drawing, painting, illustration, photography, digital imagery, graphic design, theatrical set design and construction, performance art, puppetry, videography, and art education. Currently, as a graphic arts professor at Lasell, I am fully engaged with all of these disciplines.

Hortense Gerardo is a playwright and anthropologist.  She is the founder of  in vivo Productions, a charitable organization that promotes the work of emerging artists.  She is the recipient of several artist grants including: the Massachusetts Cultural Council, the Humanities Foundation, the Women’s Guild at Boston University, the Putnam Foundation and the Vermont Studio Center.  She was a finalist for the 2005 Heideman Award in the National 10-Minute Play Contest.  Dr. Gerardo created commissioned performance works for Project Guggenheim, Smith College, and Neighbors From Many Nations.Her first two feature-length screenplays, Fourhand, and, Dancing in Exile, are currently in production.

Eldred Hudson is currently enjoying his 19th year as a professor of art & Coordinator of the graphic design program at The University of North Carolina- Charlotte, where he began his teaching career after a 10 year period of practicing graphic design in various corporate settings. His last permanent position in design was Director of Creative Services for The New England in Boston.
He received his BFA degree in Graphic Design from the University of Georgia in 1980, and his MFA from Boston University in 1988.
Although he remains active as an independent consultant/designer for numerous client-based projects, Eldred also devotes a great deal of his creative energy to his mixed media works. Over the past few years, he has created and exhibited several bodies of work based on themes including Gender Roles & sexuality,  leukemia, and Alzheimer’s. In 2004, 05 & 06, specifically, Mr. Hudson completed three solo exhibitions at university galleries in Pennsylvania, Alabama, and Louisiana.

Felicia Menard is an interdisciplinary artist and prolific narrative painter. She explores issues of memory, identity, and post-traumatic stress disorder through the power of transformative language arts. She is a storyteller in the oral and written traditions, incorporating poetry, playwriting, spoken-word artistry, screenwriting, and graphic novel writing and illustration in her work. She wrote art criticism for the HippoPress in Manchester, and two of her poems have been recently published. She has taught at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, Chester College of New England, Lasell College, the New Art Center in Newton, Mass., Sharon Art Center, Peterborough, NH, and Kimball-Jenkins Community Art School and New Hampshire Technical Institute, Concord, NH. Her work appears in private and corporate collections throughout the U.S., Germany, Japan, and Indonesia. Ms. Menard is currently at work on a Ph.D. in art criticism/history and artist biography.

Carole Murray is an artist who lives in NYC. I am an Intuitive Counselor working for the past twenty-seven years in Manhattan. In 1980 I began to design Tarot decks and many of my decks
are represented in the Encyclopedia of Tarot, vol. 3. In 2002 I co-created, an online venue for reclaiming spiritual icons and returning them to the people. That venture, along with a trip to New Mexico, led me to begin my shrine-work in 2005. Inspired by the simplicity and sincerity of the folk shrines I have seen, I attempt to honor the various people and spirits who have influenced and guided me from the beginning.

Janice Perry
Janice Perry (b. 1950. Burlington, Vermont USA)
Janice Perry is a touring theater artist, recent Fulbright Senior Scholar (Germany 2005) and Fulbright Senior Specialist in Theatre/Performance. She's received several grants for Creation of New Work from the Vermont Arts Council and the NEA and others. Perry's work has been adapted for radio and television (NPR, PBS, BBC 2, Channel 4, BBC Radio 3), and has been published in newspapers, magazines and anthologies.

Josh Randall is a graphic designer and illustrator, and lately, teacher.
He lived in Connecticut for some years, then Massachusetts, then Connecticut again, where he now maintains his practice.

Rachael M Rollson
i’m interested in interpretations. i like to see how people interpret their memories, their actions and by these things, their identities. i like to take familiarity and re-interpret it. i like to use tools for alternative purposes. i thrive on intuition and whim. i also thrive on the corporeal; i like texture and prefer physical connections with all things. i work heavily with black and white photography and film, photocopy, and collage because i like the physicality and depth that handling materials can provide. the embodiment of this interpretation is discovery and (r)evolution.

Lucas Schulze
I am interested in what we consider “wild” or “public” and the way we mediate space, otherness, and animality.  This cyanotype is of my grandmother with a bear taken in the late 1930’s camping in Yellowstone Park.  It is reproduced from her family albums I found in 2004.  My grandmother was an avid photographer, composer, glass maker, and the only other artist I know of in my family.  It was her camera I first used to make my photographs after she passed away.  This is how I always imagine her.

Gail Marlene Schwartz received her M.F.A. in Interdisciplinary Arts from Goddard College in 2004 where she studied multimedia performance.  Recent video credits: Thinly Veiled (Woman Made Gallery in Chicago), In Good Hands (Vermont International Film Festival, Studio Place Arts), Quantum Entanglement (Green Mountain Film Festival), Innocence (solo show, Heidi Goodrich Gallery).  Current projects: collaboration with VSA Arts of Vermont on documentary video about the history of special education in Vermont and the making of Bill's Bill, a stage performance created and performed by adults with disabilities;  tour of solo show, Crazy, an autobiographically based comedy about depression and anxiety, a selection of the 2006 New York International Fringe Festival.

Tore Terrasi, from Easton, MA., currently residing in Providence, RI and received a Masters of Fine Arts in Visual Design from Umass Dartmouth. The ambition of the artist is to try and create new ways of reading or interacting with typography. Most often these experiments lead to kinetic or animated pieces. The work explores various branches and synthesis of digital arts, graphic design and creative writing. By incorporating graphic, animated, and interactive elements the process of reading will become more exciting, engaging, and more fully understood. With static forms of text, the audience's perception of importance weakens as the immediate urgency to understand a text diminishes. I hope to not only reverse this trend, but create more aesthetically pleasing literature. To contact artist email