Annie Abdalla is an interdisciplinary artist and educator living on the Atlantic Ocean in Nova Scotia. Her work is characterized by extended investigations of beguiling shapes or objects or movements – like going steady for a long time. She has been successively obsessed with shoes, chairs, and most recently eggs. She has an MFA from Goddard College where she is currently on faculty in the Individualized BA Studies Program.

Carol Amore is a full-time caregiver to her twenty seven year old special needs daughter, Sarah. She finds making art to be a meaningful freedom from her daily routines, yet her daily life is her greatest influence.
Her intention in participating in any art making is always for the sole purpose of eliciting the inherent connection between us all. In addition, it serves as a response and thank you to God for this gift of life.
Amore received her MFA_IA degree from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont in 2003.

David Bastille
David is an art director at Sundin Associates, an advertising and marketing firm in Natick. He grew up in Wellesley, Mass., and graduated from Harvard College. He and his family live in Holliston, Mass.
He first studied oil painting at the Minneapolis College of Art and Design in 1977. The following year, he began what has become a 32-year career in graphic and advertising design, in and around Boston.
Over the years, David has devoted a greater amount of time, energy, and resources to making art. His preferred medium is water-based oil paint. “Looking at my artwork,” he says, “you wouldn’t be surprised to find out that I’m also a graphic designer. You can see that I’m trying to communicate an idea. An emphasis on structure and balance is also evident.”
David is a member of the Franklin, Mass., Art Association.

Sue Batchelder is a teaching artist living in New Hampshire. She has an MFA-IA degree from Goddard College in Plainfield, Vermont.

Lynn Blake's artistic practice centers on building the bridge between fine art and design. She weaves together themes of frustration of containment and discovery of voice by exploring the inconsistency of cultural expectations versus emotional well being….of outward appearance and inward emotion. Lynn's work travels beyond design and towards self-expression without sacrificing identity.

David Bondar
I have always had a deep passion to paint people.  My approach to the canvas is driven by the classical method focusing on drawing and indirect painting techniques.   I teach painting and drawing courses at Lasell College, UMass-Dartmouth and The Art Institute of Boston/Lesley Universtiy.

Liz Buckley is a photography-based artist-educator, working in new media. Current preoccupations are image sequencing, assemblage, humor, and cultural considerations. Buckley has exhibited her work nationally, and teaches in the Photography & Media Arts Dept. at Chester College of New England. She earned a Masters of Fine Art in Interdisciplinary Art from Goddard College (Plainfield VT) in 2005, and has BA in Photography from Salem State College (Salem MA). 

Jill Carey
Art is the primary tool I use for self-expression. I consider this ability a gift and means for communication. I am most inspired by organic forms with a particular focus on landscapes and human figures. The intent of my work is to provide a lens for the viewer to see the natural world as a spiritual journey.

Donna Catanzaro
I am a collector, but instead of objects, I collect images: photos of people and objects from old books, instructional manuals, cookbooks, and magazines and photos that I take myself of steamrollers, Virgin Mary statuettes and skies. I see the world as potential parts of a collage - possible interesting backdrops or funky main characters. While I collect the images I also collect data: information, historical facts, news and current events.
I'm a news junkie, and while some of the news makes me enraged, some news makes me see the absurdity of it all. I then juxtapose my own photographs, artwork and text with vintage graphics to create new realities and make comments on popular culture. I examine such issues as feminism, gender, women's issues, politics, war, the environment and more. My goal is to entice the viewer into the piece through amusement, and then, subtly, challenge them with an underlying complex or sober comment. If I can educate or affect just one viewer to question our culture, then I feel I have accomplished my goal.




Maritza Farrell was born on the island of Puerto Rico.  As an artist I was influenced by writers, poets, the beauty of the landscape, the deep color of the ocean and natural surroundings.  In the early years of my artistic career, I worked in graphic art, where I developed my own style and ways of expression.  For me this was the time for experimentation with different mediums: woodcut, lithography, linoleum, colograph, monotype, etching an many others.  Even my past art reflects the development of my work today.
In my work you can see that the matter is almost always the family.  The dream world influenced me and became part of my creativity and inspiration.  I use different mediums to evoke different emotions.  The images and objects become part of my dreamlike world where sometimes various images interplay with each other.  My work evokes emotions of happiness, of childhood memories, and surreal feeling of depth.
Also, different elements sometimes evoke the relationship of myself to nature and life.  Today you can seehow beauty of nature has become a source for abstract images of my work.

Stephen C. Fischer
I am an interdisciplinary artist.  I identify more directly with my creative process than I do with a particular art technique, artifact, or medium.  In my work I involve imagery, words, sound, and movement.  I use whatever materials best support my intentions.  The joy that I experience in learning, teaching, storytelling and collaboration moves me to engage with art that encourages creative community. My art practices include drawing, painting, illustration, photography, digital imagery, graphic design, theatrical set design and construction, performance art, puppetry, videography, and art education. Currently, as a graphic arts professor at Lasell College, I am fully engaged with all of these disciplines.

Jim Fitts
Jim has been a fine arts photographer for over 30 years and has had his images exhibited in numerous solo and group exhibitions.
Jim recently held the position of Executive Director of the Photographic Resource Center at Boston University. The PRC is considered one of the countries premier fine arts photography organizations, presenting numerous lectures, exhibitions and networking events. For the last three years, Jim has curated photography exhibitons for the PRC/MIT Center for Theoretical Physics Gallery. He curated the South Shore Arts Center Photography Now exhibition as well as serving twice as a juror for their member exhibition. He has also served as a reviewer for the 2009 Photolucida portfolio review.
Jim Fitts has had an award-winning career in advertising, design and corporate identity.
Jim held the position of Creative Director at Euro RSCG 4D in Boston. Prior to that, Jim was Creative Director for Jim has held the position of Interim President of the Boston Ad Club - the largest communications trade association of its kind in the country.  He has served as Vice President, Creative Director for iXL/Scient, one of the world's largest e-business solutions providers. Jim was also a partner and Creative Director at Clarke Goward Fitts.
He has received numerous regional and national awards. Including, among others, Hatch awards, Clios, One Show awards, ADDYs, and New York Art Directors Club awards. His work has been featured in both Communication Arts Magazine and Art Direction magazine. Jim is also the recipient of the William Gunn Humanitarian Award and the Morton Godine Medal.

Drew Gundlach’s life in art began at a very early age. It has led him through a myriad of experiences and ultimately shaped who he is today. During the course of his journey of self-discovery, he has garnered a continuous growth of knowledge and practice, which exposed him to a wide range of styles, influences, and mediums.
Currently he works as a Graphic Designer with Franklin Sports Inc. in Stoughton, MA, where he is involved in the design of product and packaging graphics for a wide range of sporting goods and toys. While there, he has had the opportunity to work with outside clients such as Major League Baseball, Disney, Nickelodean, Target and Wal-Mart.
On top of his full-time design position, Drew is also working as an adjunct professor at Lasell College. Drew is excited to have the opportunity to be back at his alma mater, sharing his knowledge and experience in the design industry with his students while providing them with a "real world experience” within the classroom.

Mary W. Hart
I am an djunct professor, teaching Calligraphy and Graphic Design, i have been in love with writing and letters since my introduction to the art of hand lettering at Carnegie Mellon University 37 years ago.
I continue to work as a graphic designer, taking on pro bono projects which I can fit in around teaching, am active in my local art association and also the international calligraphic community; I exhibit my work locally and regionally. I continue to use texts and lettering in my collage and paintings with varying degrees of legibility...and still do straight out calligraphic transcriptions...but what interests me most is the place where the words are part of the composition and contribute texture and meaning without becoming signage.







Eldred Hudson
Greatly influenced and encouraged by my mother and older brother, I’ve been making art in one way or another since the age of seven.
Active for years in the client-based profession of designing print media, I continue to celebrate and utilize developing software for image manipulation. For my mixed media works, however, I intentionally choose to use traditional (low tech) processes. Unable to imagine giving up the experience of working
with paint, ink, paper and glue in a very tactile way, I enjoy creating rich textural surfaces to initiate a more spontaneous visual language.
I am fascinated by the process of giving new life to images from other contexts. Strategies of isolation and unexpected juxtaposition, enable me to restructure pieces of ephemera to suggest new meaning with visual narratives intended to engage the viewer.  Thematically, several bodies of work in recent years have explored issues as serious as gender-based stereotypes and expected sexual behavior, the fears and uncertainties associated with life-threatening illness, and other tests of personal character and faith. But I also enjoy creating works that (with an apparent sense of humor) simply celebrate the highs and lows of everyday life.
In my 21st year as a professor of art at UNC Charlotte, I recently accepted the position of Chair of Art & Art History; a department of 500 majors and 25 FT faculty. So for the next few years, it will be challenging to find the time and energy to devote to my studio work – which has sustained me all these years. Wish me luck. I think I’ll need it! Prior to teaching, I worked in various corporate settings as a graphic designer. My last permanent position in design was Director of Creative Services at The New England in Boston. And although born and raised in the South, a big piece of my heart will always remain along the Charles.
Eldred received his BFA from the University of Georgia, and his MFA from Boston University.

Margo Lemieux has been an artist since the first grade when she got into trouble with her teacher for "decorating" her workbook. In high school she was awarded a scholarship to attend the Saturday program at the Museum of Fine Arts.
After earning a degree in fine arts in painting from Boston University, she worked as a graphic designer, tee-shirt artist, newspaper correspondent, children's book author and illustrator, and other interesting things.
Currently she is a professor of art at Lasell College, Newton. Previously, she taught at the Attleboro Museum and Rhode Island School of Design.
Besides printmaking, she paints in oil, watercolor, and acrylic, and has a strong interest in handmade books. Her article, "Contour meets Gesture," appeared in the May 2002 issue of American Artist Magazine. She is a fitness instructor at the Hockomock YMCA.
She holds a M.Ed. degree in Integrated Arts Curriculum from Curry College and an MFA in Printmaking from UMass Dartmouth.

Felicia Menard is an interdisciplinary artist and prolific narrative painter. She explores issues of memory, identity, and post-traumatic stress disorder through the power of transformative language arts. She is a storyteller in the oral and written traditions, incorporating poetry, playwriting, spoken-word artistry, screenwriting, and graphic novel writing and illustration in her work. She wrote art criticism for the HippoPress in Manchester, and two of her poems have been recently published. She has taught at the New Hampshire Institute of Art, Chester College of New England, Lasell College, the New Art Center in Newton, Mass., Sharon Art Center, Peterborough, NH, and Kimball-Jenkins Community Art School and New Hampshire Technical Institute, Concord, NH. Her work appears in private and corporate collections throughout the U.S., Germany, Japan, and Indonesia. Ms. Menard is currently at work on a Ph.D. in art criticism/history and artist biography.

Rachael M Rollson
i’m interested in interpretations. i like to see how people interpret their memories, their actions and by these things, their identities. i like to take familiarity and re-interpret it. i like to use tools for alternative purposes. i thrive on intuition and whim. i also thrive on the corporeal; i like texture and prefer physical connections with all things. i work heavily with black and white photography and film, photocopy, and collage because i like the physicality and depth that handling materials can provide. the embodiment of this interpretation is discovery and (r)evolution.

Josh Randall is a graphic artist and illustrator, and lately, teacher. His most recent on-staff position comprised nine years as Senior Graphic Designer for John Hancock Financial Services, Boston. He currently resides in Connecticut, where he maintains a home-office design consultancy. His eternally under-construction web site may be found at

Donni Richman
Artist, graphic designer and principle in DR-DesignGraphics. My art work brings together meditation, music, rhythm, and teasing out multiple entendre as a way of illumination. Image and process owe much to the strong influences of the painter Clyfford Still and the minimal/conceptual artists of the ‘60’s/‘70’s such as Rockburne, Rauschenberg, Lewitt, and Newman. A member of Art/Word as of 1981, I’ve lived in Waltham, MA since 1995.

Jinny Sagorin is an artist and singer, living in Newton,Massachusetts. Born in Durban, South Africa, Jinny graduated from the University of Cape Town, with degrees in Art and English Literature, and Graphic Design (Michaelis School of Fine Art, University of Cape Town.) She received her BA Honours summa cum laude from the University of South Africa and was awarded the 2000 Senate Gold Medal for top student. Jinny has worked as a singer, actor, artist, photographer, television presenter and writer. She uses her photography and watercolor paintings to create mixed media works, and her hand-made greeting cards are sold in stores around Boston and Cape Cod, under the label of jinzart:art from the heart.